From the North Dakota, Ohio and German farms sprouted
a diversity of skills and interests.
Professional Portal
 Denvy Saxowsky
- Instructor, retired

 Marc Saxowsky
- IT Specialist
   Gail Saxowsky
- Nurse, retired

 Tina Saxowsky
- Biochemist, professor


While any one of us sees only a sliver of each others' lives, one perception that may be missed is community involvement.
Community Outreach
 Stories of Past Adventures

 Tanzania 12 Story
- Arusha, Lengasti village and Ngorongoro Crater

china icon  China
- Teaching in China

- Several of five trips to clean after Katrina


Saxowskys have and do support themselves through a variety of enterprises.
Notable is the service station in Lahde, Germany boldly displaying "SAXOWSKY."
Business Adventures
 Saxowsky Tankstelle
- Lahde, Germany (service station and more)

 Sax Motor Company
- Dickinson, North Dakota

 Wired to Help
- Puyallup, Washington

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